Build Log #5: Build Completed

It’s complete!

I installed the new Corsair LEDs and replaced all the fittings with EK HDC ones and I must say that it looks quiet nice! Need to blow it out with compressed air and fix that one black cable coming up to the GPU.. It has a bit to much slack on the sleeve.. But I’m pleased with how it turned out!

Since this is my main computer I’ve been eager to get it fully functional why¬†the documentation suffered a bit. But now that where up and running I’ll try to take better and more pictures of my coming builds! I’m currently sleeving a pair of cables for Martin (BoyGlorious) so that he too can begin working on his build! He’s made some pretty clean mods when placing his reservoir, but i’m sure he’ll post some pictures soon!

And without further adieu, picture time!



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