Build Log #1: Introduction

Time for an upgrade

I’ve decided my main gaming rig needed an upgrade since I gotten quite bored with it over the years. Other than being outdated spec-wise, the build didn’t live up to what I’ve once imagined. The case interior was too dark in most areas and the mirror surface in the bottom just didn’t add that stunning visual effect I was going for. I was however very pleased with how the tubing turned out since it was my first ever attempt with rigid tubing.

Photos of Previous Build

What is Next?

As of now I’m waiting for the new components to arrive. The motherboard and processor will probably arrive next week or so. The water cooling parts I sent for yesterday should arrive sometime next week as well. As for the sleeving I’ve decided to cheap out. Or at least that’s what certain manufacturers says I’ve done by ordering sleeving from China. Well, they might turn out to be right but then I’ll know for sure that china sleeving is a no-go. I’ll make a proper review once the sleeving shows up… if it ever does…

Stay tuned!

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